Week 6, run 1, different route (circles)

Onto week 6, back to intervals, and have made another attempt at finding a circular route rather than the straight up the canal and back again route that I normally do. Went for a walk last night to check out a park which is in a triangle between two rivers and a mill. The walk was 3k, which I thought would be long enough, and if not I could always do circuits round the park. Anyway I did the 5 minute walk and 5 minute run that starts this morning's run, then started walking around it for the 3 minutes, then for the 8 minutes run in the middle I had to do 4 more circuits of the park. It felt really peculiar going round a track like that, but at least it was deserted and I had the whole park to myself (apart from a limping goose). I'm not sure if I would like to just do circuits round the park in future, but I'm thinking I could add it in to my route along with longer stretches up and down the canal, at least for the variation... I set the endomondo app going today, and the whole session was actually more like 4k including warm up walks etc. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, seeing as I'm meant to be aiming for 5k... The quest for a circular route continues...


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  • Well done for checking out the routes. I confess that I drive for 5 or so minutes to a place where it's a bit more leafy and there are quite a few bends in the road. I live in a small rural town and the only suitable routes are long very straight exposed roads or tracks. I find these soul-destroying to run on as I hate the feeling on a long straight of not getting anywhere. I've tried sorting out a new route using Google maps or Mapometer but on several occasions have run for a few K and then across the route that I'd found there are signs saying "Keep Out. Private Property" Gulp!

    Persevere and good luck!

  • I've been caught out by closed paths round here too. I'm a bit obsessed with keeping track of our rights of way getting closed off, as not everything that was closed for the Olympics has been re-opened yet, and more paths have been closed off for Crossrail now, not to mention a collapsed mill-wall which is probably the only closed path I feel can be justified - the logistics of repairing an ancient listed mill wall above a tidal weir must be massive! But even that has been a good 8 years now. In the meantime precious green space is being cut off in a very urban area... I feel like a bit of an urban warrior running around doing this c25k...

  • Wow! I've got a sort of Urban Lara Croft-esque image of you now!! Pounding the derelict paths of London! Fascinating to see what has been there in the past. Sounds like you've made some interesting discoveries even if you can't run there!

  • I'll try to keep that Lara Croft image in mind! I'm definitely getting out more at least :)

  • Hi Ruth, your area sounds very similar to mine. Once I got to the longer runs I couldn't just go up and down the canal any more and had to find 'add-on' loops. I used to go along some of the typical canal area backstreets. That wasn't ideal as I prefer off road and I always had to remember to avoid bin day when the pavements were full of recycling boxes etc. but there were lots of landmarks to help spur me on and get that little bit further all the time ("you're nearly at the postbox" etc). All that said, I am currently doing what I always said I could never do which is running circuits of the park! It is monotonous, but the important thing is that I feel safe running there which I wouldn't do running further up the canal, for instance. No doubt I will get bored of that before long and have to go looking for somewhere else. It's certainly helpful to keep things fresh by trying new things and places. Good luck!

  • Hey Hennith. Good to hear from another canal runner :) I'm right by a whole load of tube stations and bus stops, and the last thing I want is to be observed by thousands of commuters, so I tend to duck down onto the canal. However, the canal is a popular cycle-commuter route round here too, and as we approach summer I'll be dodging around more and more people, but at least the triangular park seems to be pretty deserted, so am thinking of combining less popular stretches of the canal with the park and maybe keeping on looking further afield to keep adding variation...

  • Sounds like a plan! The other way to freshen things up a bit once you get onto the longer runs is to run to your own music instead of the podcasts. It all depends how attached to Laura you've become, but I set up playlists of 25, 28 and 30 minutes worth of my own music and ran to those in the last 3 weeks. The only issue then was ensuring I didn't embarrass myself by singing along!

  • Respect if you're singing along while running! I'm sure I'd be far too out of breath for that. I feel like my taste in music would not be suitable for running tho - I checked the contents of my ipod and it's all floaty Bella Union bands and classical music. I'd have to dig out my old metallica cds or somthing to get the right tempo I think... or perhaps more research needed there. I do really appreciate Laura's guides to how long left etc. so happy to stick with her for now, however cheesey her music is!

  • I started W1 in a tiny park like that and ended up feeling a bit silly given the number of times I circled it. I ended up graduating whilst away from home last week using a park - but at least each circuit was a km. Hope you find a suitable combination as I can understand the problem with the towpath, especially as you are needing longer sections week by week.

  • Yes I felt like I was constantly turning doing that small circle over and over, very different from doing a straight line, and that the lone goose was wondering what I was up to... I think maybe a long canal stretch with a loop at the top and then a long stretch coming back would be ideal. I'm not running quite far enough up the canal yet to reach Victoria Park which would be a good place to do that halfway loop, but maybe that will happen soon with the longer runs. Plus I need to start running earlier to avoid canal rush-hour too...

  • Hi

    I live in a small village and all routes out are up hills. I run up all the cul de sacs and up roads to when the verges end turn round and run down the other side. For variety I repeat in the opposite direction. Local early morning dog walkers are doing the same !! So we are not alone. Very soon though I'll be tacking the hills as I will have run out of village..

  • I've almost got the opposite problem - in a very big city where everything is flat - looking for something with a bit of a slope to it, so my ankles develop a range of movement, but all I found so far was that tiny park. Yes you will need to start running out of the village soon - ha ha that's funny about the dog walkers doing the same route :)

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