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Please help

Please help

Hello and good evening 🙏

I studied a dozens of half marathon plan and tried to make a custom plan for myself that I may use for the coming weeks for training myself for the half marathon ( pic attached)

Now i request 🙏the seniors to kindly help me in the below 👇


I need 2 things for

Suggestions / advices

Answer to some questions

Before that lets see this :- 👇

What I have kept in mind 💬💬💬💬💬💬💬💬before making this plan :-

1 alternate days where I get enough recovery or cross train which will not over strain my running muscle

2 our group schedule for running long runs on Sunday's

3 VG sir SCHEDULE that gave a brief idea of what to be kept when

4 inclusion of HILL RUN / INTERVALS/ cross training of CYCLE AND REST DAYS

5 Gradual increase of running distance and build up

6 the grace time of 5 weeks prior to race day so in case if I get ill or due to other reasons if I miss the training I may be able to adjust it as required.

7 extra rest periods in the last 2 weeks of the training to give body enough time to recover and then run for longer distance ..


Now pls help me in the following

1 is the plan doable? ( I have just started running and you all have mastered it )

2 HILL RUN - how many km to start with for hill run and how to progress ? ( I have never done hill run before )

3 Cross training (Cycling ) how many km to start with and how to progress with ? ( I did the ride of 24 km today )

4 any other suggestions or recommendations?

Please review the plan and suggest !!

Thank you


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Hello, I haven't run a Hm or trained but I will be starting in April if it starts to cool down. I have a look a look at your plan and you can see you have thought about it very carefully.My concern would be are you doing too much too soon? Now unlike me you might have fully active before you startedc25km so please forgive me. I worry that doing hill training, long cycle rides and your initial plan of running 4times a week might be too much. also I worry if you have gone from recently graduating running 3x5km(let's say as that is the aim of the programme) a week to jumping to 30km in your first week.

Hills are hard work, when I trained I went to a hill and tried to run for a few minutes and walked for a minute and repeated this extending the running time until eventually I managed to run up my hill. But I did this as part of my run, so maybe you could the same and cut down one of your runs. at the gym I set the treadmill to one of the hill settings and that has really helped with my last couple of runs outside.

With regards to cross training try to keep it fun and light. Maybe go out for a cycle and just enjoy it and when you feel like it turn back. Its nice to know your distance but maybe don't set yourself a target that way you will feel less pressure and you just enjoy it. at the gym I always start by saying right I am going 30minutes of cardio and once I am there I decide on what machine(s) I am going to use. If my body feels ok I carry on, same with weights. Right these muscles need a rest so I am work these muscles today. Some days I dont do any weights. suppose what I am saying is maybe allow yourself some flexibility.

Good luck and please be careful as you don't want to injure yourself!

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How long have you been running? If over 2 years, fine, if not you need proper rest days to recover from the longer runs especially. My thoughts:

1. Intervals are great for training

2. You only need to taper the week or so before

3. a 20 week programme is a long time! Most are 12 or so

4. Please use one of the HM guides out there to gauge your plan

5. When I did my first HM I did my own plan like you, but it was running 4 times a week

6. I am training for a marathon now, I have a plan from a running magazine as a guide but I have my own plan and I am writing in my runs AS I do them

good luck and don't beat yourself up, just enjoy the running :)

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thanks for the valuable feedback


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