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Who Knew? W6R3 done, and still alive!

I haven't posted in a while but gain so much from keeping up with everyone's highs and lows, and how people push on through. My week 6 has been a little strung out, a 10 day week! but did 2 circuit classes that maintained fitness, and just finished W6R3, what a feeling! Laura says I'm a runner now!! The first 4/5 mins most difficult as slight up hill gradient, but once I got to the foot path and could run across fields and down a bridle path, before I know it Laura was saying I've done half the run, and the rest was beginning to verge on enjoyable!

I have been running with my clients dogs, ( I home sit for people) but have an older dog this week, so running solo. W6R2 I was in Devon, and my run took me along the River Dart, fantastic, but Laura doesn't allow time to stand and stare!

I see topics that come up frequently and thought I'd just comment in case it may help others. , ie shoes, I can recommend Alexandra Sports in Portsmouth, for anyone that lives close, they took time to check and fit me out and as I knew nothing, this was pre W1R1! I am so happy and comfortable, with my Asics. Food, I like to run on empty, before breakfast, and the thought of breakfast is a good motivator! and haven't as yet suffered from cramps or stitches.

Speed, My goal is for 5km, 3 times a week, at any speed, but 30 mins seems to be what people are aiming for, although just running for 25mins today was such a high! my tracker says I covered 4.65km over the run and warm up and cool down walk, so something to aim for?

If you are just starting out, have faith in the programme, follow Lauras advise, and remember how you feel at the end of each session, the natural high, will help motivate you through each stage. I was struggling to run for a minute, today 25mins! As I say, Who Knew?!

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Great stuff. Week 6 still a long way off for me.


Well done, K9! You're making really good progress! Bet you didn't think you'd be this good, just a few weeks ago! :)


Excellent! Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm so pleased with completing week 7 today, those 25 minute runs are a test but do-able, and you're coveing more ground than me.

Like you, keen to get to the 5k mark but it will take time but who cares? We are runners! Well done :)


Well done on completing W6. It must be great to get variety of locations through your home sitting, it will really add to the motivation. I live in Southsea and will check out Alexandra Sports, I haven't been in it for years but am a member of the Nuffield across the road. Did you also look at the Runners Need in Snow+Rock at Port Solent? I am curious to know which is better. Maybe I will bump into you running one day.


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