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Delayed start to week 2

I completed week one with no problems, took all the advice on here and didn't overdo it but then I got a cold which went to my chest and I couldn't run for 10 days. My chest is totally clear now so tomorrow I'm going to get back into it, I'm planning on going for it and starting week 2 run 1 rather than repeating week 1 as I didn't have any problems with week 1. I hope I'm not being too optimistic!

I suppose the reason I'm posting on here is so that I'll actually get out there and do it, wish me luck!


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Good luck, you are right to start week 2 if you had no problems with week 1. I'm sure you will be fine


Good luck for tomorrow, I am sure you will be fine :-)

Let us know how you go on xxx


Good luck.

W2R1 for me tomorrow too.


Thanks for the comments, unfortunately I was woken this morning by my 3yr old daughter leaping onto my back. The muscles in my neck/shoulders feel strained and I can't move my head much so the delayed wk2 is going to be further delayed. Typical!


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