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week 1/ run 2 completed but!

well it was time for my second run of week 1, however half way through my left calf really started to tighten up, I pushed myself to complete the session. I drank a glass of water and within 5 minutes the pain had alleviated. my speeds were 2.5kmh and 3.5kmh and distance covered was 1.30 miles, now not sure if to wait more than two days before trying run 3.


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If its uncomfortable, you are doing it wrong is so true. In the early weeks you really shouldnt be feeling any problems. Are you particularly over striding or anything? Im in week six and run?? like my laces are tied together, I couldnt care less, I just want to keep jogging irrespective of distance, until the time has elapsed


It won't hurt to take an extra rest day. Do check you are not over-striding. Your foot should land underneath you when you run. Otherwise, make sure you are hydrated before you go out and just remember to take it slow. Maybe do some warm up stretches before you go out and certainly when you get back (and even on the rest days). Otherwise, look on the positive. You finished the run. Maybe this was a one off. Try run 3 and see how it goes.


Have you got good shoes? I spent £100 on shoes after week 1 which helped get rid of the pain I had in my calf. Also I drink a pint of water 10 mins before each run.

I've just graduated today :). Keep up the good work but listen to your body and only progress to the next level when you are ready it's not a race to injury.

Take care and good luck J


All of the above ^^^ It could just be the muscle complaining about being used for the first time in a long time! ;-)

Take an extra day's rest, just to be on the safe side but if during the next run, it starts to tighten up again and won't be run off, STOP! I tried running through a calf knot once and ended up on the injury couch for two weeks! And then, it took another two weeks before I felt comfortable enough to do more than lots of short, gentle runs. Also, slow down. You could be running a little faster than your legs are capable of dealing with just now.

Good luck!


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