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Could/Would/Will you?

Could/Would/Will you?

For once, I am at a loss for words or perhaps that should be what words do I use but and this is extremely important to me:-


On July 12th, I am going to run a 5k Race for Life in Huddersfield, the town where I now live and on the 19th, I am travelling to Halifax, the town of my birth and my home for 19 years to run in a 10k Race for Life.

Having always run on my own since the very beginning (W1R1), I am rather nervous about both these runs but I a committed to doing them because I really, really do want to.

If you wish to donate then please go to because whether it be 1p or 100p, every single "1p" counts and adds to the total raised and it is for an extremely good cause.

By the way, "my story" on that page is (very) long, so I would respectfully suggest that you get comfortable before reading.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Just realised the significance of the DUCK. Can't believe you're the same person who had that demoralising encounter with a rather fast feathered "friend." So glad you persevered - and look at you now! All the best for your races and your continued running journey.


Well done want2run2. A great cause


I have logged on my computer this am to find an e-mail from justgiving to say that someone has donated. I do not know whether they have read my story purely by chance or are a member on here or facebook (I have posted something similar on there too!). What I do know is that as I am unable to thank them in a pm so CR, you know who you are and I am posting on here to say to you - THANK YOU, your kindness is very, very much appreciated.


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