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Wk 8r1

Can't believe how far I've come in such a short time, if somebody had said to me that in 7/8 weeks you will be running for 28mins not stop I would have laughed at them. Sometimes I pinched myself I am so proud and fitter. As a reward when I graduate I am treating myself to a badge and t-shirt to let the whole town know I've completed the couch to 5k hehehehe. Had a horrible blip and the end of wk6 but got inspiration from all you great people on here and knew I wasn't alone. So thank you to everyone and keep up the good work.

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Well done! I feel the same. I did my first 30 minute run today and nobody is more surprised than me at what I have achieved. I think a lot of it is convincing yourself that you can do it and having trust in the programme. Good luck with your next runs!


Thank you Jenny-14 am looking forward to them and the future runs sound weird as some non runners keep telling me but am going to wear my t-shirt with proud


What a fabulous supportive community. Lovely post and good luck.


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