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Week 6 run 2 - plus a bit!

I'm feeling great! I realised yesterday that my legs felt better than I can remember, and when I went for a half hour or so walk, I really noticed that I felt fitter. Waking this morning, on my day for week 6 day 2 (run 10, walk 3, run 10) I felt ready!

I'd noticed that in the previous weeks that, although I've completed each session without too much of a struggle, my legs always felt a bit stiff and ungainly at the beginning of running (yes, I do warm up!). Not today, though! My running felt much more fluid, and when I got to the end of the second 10 minute run, I kept going for a further 2 minutes. I could have pushed further, but thought that having done 23 minutes of running with just 3 of walking in the middle, I was much more confident about Friday, and the 25 minute run.

Isn't this great?

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Fantastic Steve. I found runs 1 and 2 on week 6 difficult after the high of week 5. You can see the finishing line now!


Well done Steve. 😊


That's fantastic Steve!

I always fine my legs and ankles feel like that before every run. I warm up too (walk dog for 30-40 mins and then the 5min walk on the app).

When I ran before (a couple of years ago) and then graduated I experienced the same thing and it's never disappeared for me :( So pleased it has for you though! :)


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