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Ran 5K for the first time ever!!! :)

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Ok so I'm on W8R2, so was slightly naughty but I felt good so carried on and managed 5K for the first time ever! Managed it in 39 minutes, definitely not the fastest but I can work on that :)

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Hi Lyndz7, well done on w8r2 and doing 5K , time isn't to shabby either :D sounds like you have the affliction like the rest of us poor souls here , you are luvin running :D

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Lyndz7Graduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thankyou. Yes! I've definitely got the running bug and I seriously never thought that would happen :)

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Slow_RobGraduate in reply to Lyndz7

it kind a sneaks up on you ,then bang you are addicted :D

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Whisper it ever so quietly *Parkrun, Parkrun* You'll love it ;)

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Lyndz7Graduate in reply to 5kOrBust

Haha yes I want to try a park run! I'm not very good at running first thing in the morning so I'm going to work up to a park run for April.

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Well done Lindz, 5k in week 8! You've cracked it. Congratulations and enjoy the next week and a half!

Lol. It's not naughty. I did the same on run 3 week 8. I'm sure others did extra running when feeling good. It's great to do that first 5K. Keep going and enjoy.

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Oh it's so hard to resist that one isn't it lol :D But I think it gives you a tremendous boost to know that you can do it, so well done you. Naughty but nice ;)

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Lyndz7Graduate in reply to hilbean

Haha it is! But it's majorly boosted my confidence to know I can do it :)

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Wow, well done! I did W8R2 today too and ended up doing 30 minutes but only managed 3.8km. I know it's not about speed or distance but I think we are all naturally competitive and want to see the stats improve :)

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Lyndz7Graduate in reply to lynne7

That's a good time! You'd get 5K done 40-45 min at that time! :) Well done to you too, it's so addictive and tempting to do more than what Laura says! ;)

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Wahey Lyndz ! Blimey thats good, Well done !

The running bug has well and truly bit by the sounds of it.

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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