Week 5, run 1, getting serious... time to think about running socks?

The three 5 minute runs were fine, even though I felt like I was running into daggers of ice, having gone out in the same long sleeve t-shirt of last week but it being a good 5 degrees cooler (and much windier...) The warm-down walk back was pleasant though, as I was quite hot by then, and it felt like my beetroot-hot face was being pleasantly fanned cool.

Can anyone help me with this though - I have developed a couple of blisters - wondering if anyone else has had these? They're on the inside of my arches - quite large blisters all the way along. I did feel a faint burning as I finished the last 5 minute run, but nothing too uncomfortable. However I can see how this could easily get worse with longer runs. Is this something I could resolve by getting some running socks? Or is likely to be a more fundamental problem with my shoes? (which are fine otherwise)


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  • at the distance you are running it is much more likely to be your shoes than your socks I would think, but on the other hand (or foot) it is a lot cheaper to experiment with new socks than new shoes and running socks are never a bad thing to have. Look for a double layered pair - they have a wicking layer and a silky inner layer which reduces friction greatly and could well help prevent blisters.

    ALso, experiment with how tightly you have your shoes laced and where the laces are tighter (at the top of the foot vs towards the toes etc). I have found this makes a huge difference to my foot comfort.

  • Okay - wicking might be the answer then. Not wishing to sound too gross, but perhaps the blisters are caused by sweat rather than the fit of the shoes? Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

  • Okay I did some online research. You're right it could be the shoes, if the arches are too high for my feet. I will try some wicking double layer socks and if that doesn't help then I'll have to get a proper fitting for shoes. I have problems with circulation in my feet (Raynaulds), which can cause them to over-sweat when they get too cold, so perhaps the cold start today caused it, rather than the quantity of running, or a combination...

  • I would experiment with socks first, because they are so much cheaper. You'll want a good pair of socks anyway, even if you do have to look for new shoes eventually (remember to take the socks shopping with you if you have to go the new shoes route - you should wear the socks you intend to run in when trying out new shoes).

    Blisters are a form of friction burn. Something is sliding and rubbing against the skin i.e. something somewhere is either too loose or too tight. All I can suggest is that you experiment. One trick O have used in the past to prevent blisters developing on the first place is to put a piece of zinc oxide adhesive tape over the rub spot BEFORE you go out and BEFORE the blister has formed. Once the blister is there, it's too late. The plaster takes the rub instead of the skin. This only works, of course if you are prone to getting blisters in the same spot and is a bit of a last resort anyway. Try and identify the cause first and then rectify if possible.

  • The best socks I've got are the ones I got from Lidl (running socks) and they were about Β£3.00 I have a Β£9.99 pair from Sports direct which were a gift but they are the ones I use for races and are really comfy and not too hot. They're called Marathon Socks. I've had them since I started running and they are still perfect despite loads of washing

    What are your shoes? If you don't know, perhaps you need some running shoes.

  • As Adam suggested zinc oxide tape early, I'd add DO NOT try and remove it, let it fall off naturally, it will pull off any soft blistered skin, blisters are a result of friction, you should be able to wriggle your toes, but your foot should be held firmly in the shoe with no heel left

  • Okay I haven't been paying attention to how I tie up the shoes, so there could well have been room for rubbing/sliding. I've got Karrimor running shoes, which fit really well and have been really comfortable so far. I'll combine running socks with better tying up of shoes and see how that works (will check Lidl). Also, have been lapsing with my Raynauds tablets which might be part of the reason, so am re-starting them, which should help circulation etc. I may have to pass on the tape though, as I'm super allergic to adhesives against my skin. Thanks everyone for advice :)

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