Feeling hopeful

Ventured out for a gentle 15 minutes today to test the niggley tendon / foot. Went well, if I'm honest I could feel it but not so it made me want to stop. Lots of stretching and ice since and seems ok. Do I carry on? Rest until it's gone completely? Feels like I want to carry on with short runs to keep something going but not resuming week 7 just yet. Any advice? Thanks all.

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  • That must be frustrating NS. Not sure what the answer is, but there seems to be quite a few on the injury couch and that is not a good place to be. If you can manage the short runs, might be OK to keep going, but I would be worried about aggravating it. Maybe mix extra rest day inbetween the shorter runs until pain goes? Hope this is short term!

  • Thanks. That is the dilemma. I think try short runs and more rest, see how I get on. Need to learn patience! Grrrrr!

  • Try Ibuprofen gel...

  • Thanks. Will do! Anything to get back to the programme!!

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