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When to replace shoes ?

As I mentioned on GF's post, my ankles and calfs have felt increasingly achy and tired. So I was wondering if my shoes need replacing. They are Brooks Ghost 7s, and they've done about 600km since the beggining of October. I bought a new pair of the same shoe in December ready to replace them, but they've stayed in the box since then.

Anyway, this evening I decided to compare them (just standing in them to see if they feel different). The old ones do feel like the heel cusioning is dead by comparison, and the new ones feel snugger too. Maybe 600km is enough to wear them out, they dont look worn, but thet certainly feel a bit different.

So Sunday I will give the new ones a run to see if they are better for running in. I suspect that the answer is going to be yes, but we will see.

I'm a bit surprised if they are worn out after 600km, as the lady in the shop sais that they would be good for 1000km. Maybe it's because I run on stony grit rough paths rather than tarmac.

What are your expériences of running shoe life?

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Brooks Ghost is a road shoe, rather than a trail shoe but if they've done 300 miles maybe the cushioning is dead. Mine have well and truly died and I know they have, it's like they deflate almost, although they look fine and not at all tatty despite doing hundreds of miles, you can feel every bit of road through them now. You can always use them for general wear or for other exercise. I noticed that mine have lost their grip as well. I suppose that's because they get worn down after going fast downhill and having to brake to slow down

If the lady in the shop said they are good for 1000km then you could take her up on it and return them. If it's Sweatshop they probably won't quibble. Time to break out your new ones though as you don't want aching legs and feet

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Zev1963 - interesting comment about ankles and calves. Since start of 2015 I have had a really bad stiffness in my ankles unlike anything experienced before and was not really sure why. I have done same as you and bought another pair of identical shoes and the difference is amazing - but also looking at the soles you realise it is not just the scuffs but the compression to the cushioning. Still having a niggle in ankle after 2 runs in new shoes, but the stiffness has definitely abated.

I reckon I might have done about 300 miles in them (got the old pair in April 2014) and do all my running on tarmac - and as think as a larger lady that my weight my also add to the pressure on the shoes.

Good luck on Sunday and I hope in the nicest way it is your shoes causing the pain.

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Decided to try the new shoes today. I felt the difference from the start. Hardly any of the complaints from ankles, feet, knees, and calves that I've had in recent weeks. Put in a distance personal best of 14km. Not fast (1h32), but I'm happy with that. If you'd told me when I started C25K in September that by March I'd be running 14km then I'd not have believed it :)

So it seems that after 600km the old Brooks Ghost 7s are dead (though they still look quite fine ). I did try measuring the sole thickness at the side neer the heel, and although the tread appears hardly worn at all, the thickness has reduced by 2mm from 20mm to 18mm. So I guess they have compressed rather than worn. You'll think that I'm heavy now ! but in fact I'm not especially heavy. I'm 171cm tall and weigh 66Kg.

I'll have to remember to replace this pair af Ghost 7s at around 550km to avoid achy legs and feet !


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