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My progress

Hey everyone. I feel I've been neglecting my posting duties of late. With having no injuries or anything eventful happen I haven't had much to report.

I have posted before a bout a wobble I had around Christmas where I just couldn't complete a run. I've no idea what that was about but I seem to have come through it.

I've been enjoying using the Zombies, Run app on my phone when I go for my runs on a Sunday morning. With that for company the last 3 weeks I've actually managed to do 5K each Sunday. I'd only managed it once before, just before my Chrimbo wobble.

Because I'm not the fastest, well over 30mins for 5K, I don't really have time to do 5K in my other runs during the week. So in order to still go out running, and in an attempt to increase my overall speed, for the other runs I went back to the start of C25K.

This time though I'm doing the running parts at a much more respectable pace. It's also a pace that feels much more "natural" to me. Running slowly always made me feel constrained.

My 5K runs have been at around 8mins/KM, I'm now doing the early C25K runs at around 6mins/KM. Am up to week 3 again.

There does seem to be some benefit as each week my 5K run has been a bit faster than the previous week. This week it was 1minute 34 seconds faster than the week before at 37:43.

Hopefully, that trend will continue and by the time I get to week 9 (again) I'll be somewhere near 30 mins for 5K.

I'm also intending to take part in parkrun sometime soon. I've even bought myself an extra pair of runners so I can have one pair for road running and another for parkrun (or as a spare pair in case of getting the other pair soaked etc).

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It's great to see you're still running Peter and doing so well too! Come on be honest, you missed Laura so much you just had to go back to her.... go on admit it.......


Sounds as if you are doing brilliantly in the circumstances. I am opposite to you - slow suits me just fine (though quite quick on bpm). I'm currently having a rest for various reasons, so will probably be joining you and redoing the programme soon. Safer to start back at the beginning I think, then I won't get injured again. If it's too easy, I can always fast forward a bit. Hope the twins are being good for you now :)


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