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Week 5 1st run

I've never written on here before but the posts have kept me motivated. I've just done the 1st run (jog) of week 5 and was really worried about it as my knees are not the best. As a teenager I used to run 100 sprint and 1000km but then my left knee started to dislocate and I haven't ran for over 20 years. I'm healthy and fit but my knees always worried me so I just gave up. Today I got home from work and hit the treadmill and just got on with it at a slow pace but I got through it. I am so happy right now. I've lost 1.4kg in 4 weeks with the help of Laura and now I cannot wait for my next run. Here's to the next 5weeks and all that comes from it.

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well done on the weight loss and being at week5 over halfway :D a slow pace is best , you will have seen it loads here slow and steady and then sl;ower still if needs be :) keep at it you doing just fine :D


Well done! As Slow_Rob says, slow and steady is the mantra here and, as Laura says, you're doing great :)

Happy running!


Well done for getting this far. I also did wk 5 run 1 last night. Im 53, prone to arthritis in my left knee, and about 3 stone overweight. Ive found that running every 3rd day works best for me- no knee problems last night or this morning. Ive lost about 1 kg since I started. But my fat is melting away - Ive literally had to tighten my belt this morning. I guess its mainly going into my leg muscles. Not having run since i stopped playing football in my 30s Im finding that I really enjoy it, even if it does hurt. I feel far more positive about myself, much less tired, and most if the time Im sleeping better. Wish Id done this years ago! Anyway- keep going. Best wishes.


Well done Maddicat! You can do it!


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