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Back to it!

So after being ill for sooo long (6weeks) and a hospital stay, I'm feeling good again. I have graduated but have had to go backwards again, last week I ran a mile straight, this week 1.5 miles straight. I usually do running after these straight runs but it's on and off with walking so I don't count them at the moment. Is it okay to just keep adding half a mile each week? I'm not struggling by any means and managed 2.6 miles in 34 mins today with around 13 mins walking built in. Thanks in advance :)

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The normal increase per week is said to be 10%. If you work to that you should be ok. If you do too much too soon you risk injury

Have fun, and i hope you feel much better soon


MW is right, 10% per week, your body will soon let you know if you overdo it. Good luck xx


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