Week 4, run 2, armed with halls soothers and tissues

I've been waiting for my cold to go, but as usual it drags on. I judged that I'd be okay to do a run today if I took it easy. But to ward off the hacking cough I took some halls soothers and also took some tissues for my nose. They were needed! I took it easy, up the canal and back again. A bit too daytimey for my liking but only encountered half a dozen people. Glad that after 6 days off I've been able to just pick up where I left off, if rather slowly and between nose blows! In fact I think the deep breathing during the running has helped my cough a bit, as my lungs are feeling much less wheezy now... new cold cure?

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  • You might just have found the cure, you know.

    Well done for getting out there, even when you're not feeling 100%.

  • Thanks Tomas, I do feel better now. The sun was out, so I got lots of vit d and fresh air, and the knowledge I can still do this even when I'm not 100%

  • I noticed that the other day, went out with a horrible cough, when I got my rhythm going I stopped coughing...it started again though when I got home!

  • Yes I was awake most of last night with the hacking cough... worried I've made it worse now...

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