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They're killing me! Just muscle aches, but wondered if anyone else found they started to ache in weeks eight and nine? Been fine until last week. I've been doing an improver's swimming class too, trying to perfect the crawl, and have done more of that than usual too, so could be the swimming rather than the running. Anyway, about to go out for run 2 of week 9 and I don't want anything holding me back just now. Any tips? Looks like a lovely day out there. Enjoy your runs :)

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I'm aching too. No advice. Just everything crossed for you. Funny this, I've been trying to perfect my crawl too - found the swimming a really antidote to the running. Glorious weather isn't it - don't put a foot wrong at this stage!

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Funny! We're obviously on the same page. I've been really enjoying the swimming too, but appear even more unfit doing front crawl than when running, if that's possible. And no, I wasn't on this forum again today either. It's all lies! Managed today's run, by the way, but it was a tough one. Beetroot face made a return.


And no, I haven't been on this forum all morning, quite. Anyway, I'm going now!


Hi G. Yes my muscles have started hurting so I do post run stretches drink water before I go out and put my recovery compression tights on when I get back. Seems to be helping. Enjoy your run girl we are nearly there now :)

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I know! So close now. Tights, eh? I think now I've nearly done week 9 I should start shopping for running gear...


Go, girls! (and you, Jase!) You should be very proud of yourselves! Graduation is a good time to look back, and wonder at the enormity of your achievements!

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Thanks, John. This really is feeling like an achievement! So glad I started it


i'm as new to this as you and I had the same after a long walk into town and back. I found that using the foam roller helped a lot. I'm a convert. It hurts quite a bit while you use it and I look like a beached whale while im doing it but it works. I got mine cheap in aldi.

Not far to go now, and you know you can do it now so all the pressure is off. This time next week and you'll have graduated!

Learn to embrace muscle ache. If you choose to continue your running journey after C25k it will become a constant and faithful friend. It is important to distinguish between muscle ache and actual pain that signals an injury, but the common or garden aches are nothing to worry about. Foam roller, ice baths, compression sleeves, nurofen - all these things can help. Don't be surprised if it is worse after a day or two - DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - is the reason marathon runners can still jog about after their race, fel a little stiff on Monday and can't get out of bed on Tuesday. But it's all just part of the process of the muscles building themselves back up after exercise. After my first Crossfit session I could not stand up fullly straigt and had to go up stairs in a sideways crab crouch for nearly a week. lol.

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DOMS! Something to look forward to. Sounds great

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Lol, yes, DOMS and walking like a crab. What's not to like? And I don't think it's a case of IF I carry on with this. I don't think I have a choice any more, regardless


Oh great, something to look forward to in week 8 and 9 :-P

Go GLudwig, go GLudwig!!! Two more runs to graduation, yeah!!!


I get a bit stiff afterwards, difficult to get up but once I move it wears off. Oddly the aches are in my neck, I guess from being too tense whilst running. No advice really other than do stretches (including after swimming - I also swim), and take some ibuprofen if it helps before you go to bed. Good luck with today's run.

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I've never stretched after swimming, never occurred to me! Will def give that a go. Thanks. Legs were fine when running today, though (it was just the rest of me! Tough one, that was). And yes, I've been consciously relaxing my shoulders when I run, as I have a tendency to get a bit uptight, so tell yourself to push those shoulders down and it might help your neck


You might be pushing it a bit too much. Slow it right down

Take an anti-inflammatory painkiller last thing at night and you should be good to go by the morning. Rest days are important and this is why you need to take them. Aches are a sign that things are changing. Your body is feeling the strain.

Carry on nice and steady and all will be well. The end is nigh!

Come on!

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Sorry MissW, doesn't happen very often I disagree with you - but since part of my work involves people with chronic (and serious) pain​ I am very much against running to the medicine cabinet for a sore muscle... painkillers (and all drugs in general) should be used for real pain - and not taken that easily,

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I feel like I might have overdone it a bit, actually. Might have an extra rest day before the big wk9 r3 and hopefully end on a high. Thanks MissW


I've been finding my calf muscles feel a bit tight after each run but I stretch a bit and haven't had any problems. w9r2 eh? You're going to beat me aren't you? Hoping I'll finish on Saturday. Go for it G, see you at the finish line :) Steve

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See you there :)


I don't think swimming would cause leg ache...here's a brilliant web site in case you're interested...


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Thanks, Curly, that looks really useful. Will def look in more detail later.


You are so nearly there - fantastic! I found (and in fact still find) that as I run further I need more rest between runs. How many days are you taking off between your runs? Your muscles are still fairly new to this so they need time to repair themselves and rebuild. Of course, that depends as well on how fit you are - I was very unfit to start with so my muscles didn't know what had hit them! Enjoy your graduation run, and happy running after that :)


Thanks, Annie. I've been leaving one rest day between runs, but maybe should leave two sometimes. Was thinking of leaving two before I do wk 9 run 3, but I'm dying to get out there and do it, so I don 't think I can wait til Wednesday lol! I'll try and calm it down a bit after that...

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