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Week 9 RUN 1 & 2 - done / got a new group

Week 9 RUN 1 & 2 - done / got a new group

Goooooodddddd morning and hello to every one

Well yesterday I completed week 9 run 1 and today I completed run 2

But today I extended to my a bit and went for 7 km

Timing for 5 k was 35 mins the personal best till now

So tomorrow is a rest and day after tomorrow is



JUST 1 day left

Till then guys

Keep going

Keep running

And remember to say yourself

I have no pain

I can breathe

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Just miss to say that

Today I got formally associated with a running group who all are a marathon runners

So further training of distance will be with them


Blimey, you're on fire aren't you? No stopping you now!


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