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Week 5 day 2 done and dusted!

Thanks to you all i made it Week 5 day 2 is done and dusted! Feel great although the moderate climbs felt like mountains!! Feel really good but how thus translates to week 5 day 3 I'll never know. What I do know is that I'm going for it and most can't wait till Monday night too ave a go!

The Tunbridge Wells 1/2 marathon passes my front door tomorrow morning. There's my inspiration... Next year

I'll be there haha! 😃

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well done Laurie :) Anything is possible ,you could sign up for it next year :D you have a great goal to aim for then :)


Will sign up having seen the commitment from these guys! Haha. Let's see how my knees hold up!,


Don't laugh, I assume you've seen the posts on here about all our runners who are doing their first HMs today? None of them could run a step this time last year, so why not you? I shall be watching you lol!

Well done on your progress, little slopes do feel like mountains don't they? That'll get easier though. Just trust Laura, she'll get you through the next run - enjoy!


Don't laugh, I did a marathon 6 months after graduating. Admittedly I walked & jogged it rather than running and it took 6½ hours. You've got a whole year to train. Lots of training programmes available on line as well. Good luck


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