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W7R1 - who'da thought it?

Ok, now this getting weird... After v dodgy weeks 3-5, I am finding later runs much easier. Think I have vanquished the gremlins by proving them wrong (them: 'you can't do this..' me: '(ahem) go away' or words to that effect.) I did week 7 run 1 today and quite enjoyed it. Never felt like I was going to give up, anyway. So if you're struggling early on, don't give up. It gets better. Good luck with your journeys, all.

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Nice post. Always nice to read a bit of encouragement :) Glad you're enjoying your running.... not too long until graduation now :)


well done Topo :D you are doing great :D it feels good to beat those gremlins :D keep at it


Yes I have a few choice words I save for the gremlins! I too found the later weeks easier, I still don't really like stopping and starting, but everybody's different. Well done on wanting to encourage the newbies, you'll be an old hand here before you know it!


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