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Ahh starting c25k on Monday!!


I've decided after moaning about how unfit I am im finally doing it so my first run will be on Monday eeeek im so nervous

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Good luck Holly. I started at the beginning of January, my best advice is take the running bits really slow and do stick to the pattern of running days and rest days. Assuming you are in the UK it's a great time to start with Spring just around the corner. Some mornings lately have been just beautiful.


But soon you will be so amazed by how quickly you will start seeing and feeling improvements in your fitness levels! Good luck!


Why wait until Monday !

hollypop in reply to Hidden

Half term here and two very tiny children Monday is easier 😊


Forgot about half term !! Hope it all goes well for you on Monday, don't try and run too fast is my advice. Enjoy !


Don't be nervous, it is a great programme and you will probably soon be addicted like the rest of us. Yes, go steady and take your rest days and obviously you have to report back on here and tell us how you get on x ;-)


Good luck - we've all been there. Keep posting and tell us how you get on.


Good luck and welcome to the club, keep posting and let us know how its going😁😁😁

I have never ran before and at the turn of the year at the age of 46 and slightly overweight I decided I want to run. I was recommended this app and since starting it I have not looked back and have just completed week 6. Believe in yourself and read the advice given from fellow runners and before long you also will be writing on here what you have achieved. Good luck :)


Good post from Button - an amazing programme - do exactly what Laura says - not an inch more or a second faster and you'll be amazed what happens in just a few weeks. Good luck on Monday - and keep posting - it'll keep you going.


I started in January and have been amazed by my progress. I found it hard to run for a minute but am now doing 28 in week 8. My best tip is to go really slowly and don't put yourself under any pressure when it comes to speed. Good luck!

Good luck and don't find any excuses to not do it. Get your gear ready so you have everything sorted, throw it on and start. I started early Jan like a few others on here and cannot believe I am on week 7. I'm 49 and never ran before. I love it and get twitchy when i know its a run day....remember nerves are exactly the same thing as excitement. Go on, it's a really great programme :)

Well done! Its a lot of fun...i find myself really looking forward to my run days! Starting is the hardest part lol


Well done. I started in January and it made me realise how unfit I was. It took me just over 3 weeks to complete week 1 - I had to keep repeating the week until I could do it. I'm now on my 2nd run of week 2 - I'm expecting that to take longer than a week to do too.

But slowly and surely I will get there.

And I love it - I love to be out there running/walking.


Well done Holly :D it is going to be one of teh best things you have done :D good luck, we are all behind you :D


Good luck Holly, hope you enjoy as much as us lot seem to! Let us know how it goes x


Fab stuff Holly, Welcome to the madness ha ha :-)

Slow and steady is the way. Dont panic, you will be fine, we all felt the same so dont worry :-) xxx


Good luck I've just done w2r2 and can't believe what a difference it's made to my fitness already. I go really slow and I don't know if my walking is that brisk but something is working. I went to my regular zumba class on Monday and found It so much easier. It's great getting outside too especially for me stuck at a desk all day I don't mind the cold the programme soon warms you up!

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