Week 4, run 1 and how do you get back onto dry land?

I'm obviously getting more confident about being out and about in badly fitting track suit trousers with sweat all over my glowing (beetroot) face... halfway through the run today someone asked me directions - in a funny way - 'how do I get back onto dry land?' - he seemed ill at ease with his smartphone and trying to follow a gps dot as he navigated round all the blue water areas. Like a classic old eastender, thinking that the canal was like being at sea (I think it was Iain Sinclair who made a metaphor about Hackney being an island...) I pointed him across a lock towards the Hackney Wick area and then continued. Later on just as I was starting the final 5 min run my phone rang, it was my GP (didn't realise it was already after 9am, when she was due to call), so had the conversation there, all alert and endorphined-up, not my usual couch-resigned self at all. Then I had to re-start my 5 min (some fiddling with the podcast to rewind it), and slightly adjusted my route (as I'd walked a long way while talking to the GP). When I got back I hadn't got to the end of the podcast yet, so I decided to spend the rest of the warm down period doing stretches in the little rose garden in my estate. When I finished, the estate cleaner, Paddy, was there. He suggested if I want to get fit I should try running (he obviously only sees me walking as I leave and return!) I was able to say I run for 5 minute stretches and walk between. This obviously sounds way more impressive than 90 seconds that I was doing in week 1. Just thought I'd share my slightly abnormal and very much more social run today!

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  • That's great to hear, Ruth, and I know exactly how you feel. I've got used to being 'out there' in my aldi sports gear with my bright red face, and it's actually very liberating! Who'd have thought? I seem to have stopped worrying what I look like the rest of the time too, which is an unexpected bonus :)

  • Great post Ruth :D this program can affect lots of aspects of our lifes all postive :D wait till you can tell him you can run for 20-30 min or more :D well done keep at it

  • He said he used to run from Mile End to Aldgate East every Saturday and Sunday - I was impressed!

  • There you go Ruth , with this program anything is possible :D :D something to aim for one day :D

  • Sounds like a fun morning one way and another. You are right 5 mins IS more impressive than 90 seconds its called progress !!

  • Brilliant Ruth , you are doing fantastic ! I am starting week 3 today . It's good to have you as a friend it gives me inspiration and motivation πŸ˜…

  • Thanks Hazy-22. Good luck for week 3. The step up during week 3 really gave me confidence. Take it easy and keep going :)

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