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Keep on keeping on...


I graduated two years ago, but I have been running sporadically since.

I'm wondering how other graduates keep the motivation up, and keep on going after graduation.

For me, I think I need to plan to run, rather than get up and think 'mmm, I think today might be a good day to do it'. IE, say, every Monday morning...

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I would suggest signing up for some races to spur you on, and also have certain 'running days' If you are signed up for a race you HAVE to run!!! keep posting here and we will spur you on :)


Hi Hectors house, I remember you, good to see you're still running.

My motivation comes from entering specific events, training with a running group, making plans to run with other people and also I'm doing jantastic at the moment too which means I'm committed to 3 runs a week. For me accountability to others seems to work, I don't like to let the team down.

One of the reasons I run the Quest (pinned on the right) is to help myself keep up with my running goals. I felt a little lost after graduation. I also like the feel of training for something specific, I just get a buzz from it. I like to put my intended runs up on the fridge that way everytime I go into the kitchen I can see all the ticks, it bugs me if there is a run that has not been ticked off. Happy running.

Hi there

I tend to timetable my runs for specific days and plan it in to my day. I take my running stuff to work and change into it before I leave so I'm ready for it.

I've not signed up for a race but think that would be good motivation! Otherwise, I think having small goals for yourself helps e.g. work towards 6k from 5 or try do a run in a quicker time?

Maybe the lighter evenings coming up will help too!


3 times a week and getting compliments on my size reduction. Soon be a year since graduation and my clothes are fitting looser so I'll have to go shopping one day, heaven forbid.

I know what you mean though but switching to a new programme - Active 5k to 10k for me - gave me a fresh start and renewed motivation.

Good luck, HectorsHouse. See you around.

Lord Obe

I keep going because I don't want to fall out of fitness and have to start all over again! I also love my body and don't want to give that up. I love what running does to my head too.

I vary my runs, distance and speed and location and set myself goals so it's never boring.

I have a couple of 10K races booked and want medals! My next goal!


I'll second that IP! Two races entered here too, both 10ks like you.

Races and Parkrun do the trick for me. Parkrun especially. Got to my 50 last year :) doing more volunteering this year, so don't plan to qualify for my 100 t-shirt til next year...


I just do it really. I'm not running 3x a week but I am getting in my 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity and that includes at least one run a week. Realfoodieclub's Quests help (keeps me accountable). Wanting to keep the lid on my weight. Wanting to see some different views or see what's going on in some bit of a wood I've not been in for a while.

And having a dog - in all honesty that's probably the biggest motivation of the lot, got to take her out, may as well do it with running shoes on....

I put my running things on first thing on a run day (which for me is any day I didn't run the day before and don't have anything on that trumps a run) and other clothes on top.


I just do it. I've always done something, I'm a bit fickle when it comes to fitness, but feel driven to do something at least 3 times a week, at the moment it's running, it used to be swimming, before that belly dancing, I've also done pilates, horse riding and weight training. I often wonder what I might do when I get bored with running...


Sign up for some races in 3 months time (join us at the Turks Head 10K in June!).. That way you've got a goal to meet and you'll need to train for...

I kept running through winter by signing up to the London Winter Run (an awesome day out) and my spring and summer training is taken care of thanks to some HMs and a successful entry to the Great North Run in September... :)

If that's not your thing, set some personal targets (run faster, run further) and write them down on a calendar... Goal setting helps set training objectives...

Happy running!


High Hectors House, like I have been running for over 2 years on this programme, lots of ups and down.....well down at the moment with a fall and then a wheezy chest. But like others have said plan to take part in races, have something to aim for. I like the 10k's, its enough for me. My time is slower each time I do the 10k, BUT... am still out there, as soon as I can get rid of my health problems.


Hey everyone,

Thank you. That's really encouraging.

Where are the Goals? I can't see them.

Re. targets, I've signed my wife and I up for the Edinburgh colour run, and the 5x50 - though this time I'm not caring whether I go for 5k or just to some form of exercise. did a thorough work-out yesterday and felt so much better for it, so what you've said about thinking about how you'll feel after helped. Goodness knows it got me through the second half of the work-out.

I think I've realised that without some form of external help, I find it very difficult. E.G, this morning I tried to do a dumbbell workout at home, didn't get on well - and did much better when I used an app on me phone.

Not beating myself up, but I am going to download one of the couch to 5k podcasts and take it from there. Laura will definitely help. Will post a report when i'm done tomorrow's run. :)


I know this post is old now, but its just come up in relation to something else - my racing 'buddy' has just told me of a 6 week plan in Runners World, May edition for improving after 5k. Structure and discipline!

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