Week 3, run 2, need to be more disciplined about getting early nights

I've had a lot of long days and late nights this week. Also couple of drinks, out and about or at home to relax at the end of the day. But I woke up this morning in an unfit state to run. Dehydrated, very tired, generally uninspired. The tough voice in my head told me I had to do the run today, as it's important to keep the momentum and keep my fitness improving. But it wasn't fun. I was out of breath, thirsty (despite having loads of water before I went), and generally felt unfit, heart racing, heavy legs etc. I was so tired that I was struggling to get the podcast to work properly and remember all the ways I normally pace myself. I want to make sure I don't do this again. It's not doing me any favours to start days like this. I need an overhaul in my evening habits! I guess certain parts of your lifestyle have to change when you're trying to turn into a fitter slimmer version of yourself!

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5 Replies

  • That is one of the positive things about c25k. You find yourself planning NOT to overindulge to avoid mornings like this ... and the outcome is a more healthy you. I had sherry and wine last night as I am currently on the injury couch, but this morning I wish I hadn't. I certainly wouldn't have run very far this morning! Can't wait to get running again if only to stop doing silly things like drinking too much wine!

  • Hope you are back running soon useit :D

  • Well 3 evenings a week without having a drink could be the key change I need to make ha ha. Wonder how I'll manage! I've managed to turn into someone who has a bath 3 times a week so I guess nothing's impossible! I made myself do the run early anyway because I was so cross with myself. Now I'm all clean from my bath, feeling like I'm still on the path to getting slimmer and fitter, and marching into my day armed with a strong coffee.

    Hope you're off the injury couch soon, and have plenty of non sherry/wine comforts to distract you while you recover :)

  • doing C25K changes your outlook on life in many ways and all for the better :D I now eat better and healtheir and sleep better among others . Well done you making changes too :D keep at it, it only gets better :DD

  • Well done Ruth! You identified what was causing your dehydration and feelings of lethargy and did something about it. As you get fitter and feel much better in yourself then you will continue to make changes to your lifestyle that trip you up. You will crave good, healthy, nutritious grub to fuel your runs so are likely to do more cooking than before. Planning ahead is a good idea when you have runs lined up and know you're going to need to eat well before and after. Your mindset changes for the better

    I find that if you sit up late watching telly then you are more likely to start grazing and drinking. If you go to bed you don't. Simples

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