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Tracking your running

Morning runners! Did Week 7, Run 2 today. Very nice too. Tried to slow down even more today, to see if I was less of a beetroot at the end. I was, a bit. Have become a bit obsessed by all of this, so have found myself talking to people (boring them silly?) about running. Anyway, someone told me about Strava, so I used this today. That's the first time I've used any sort of tracking. It told me that, yes, I am indeed very, very slow! Maybe I should use it to see just how slow I can actually get, until I graduate, and then start seeing if it is possible to go faster without keeling over? Still totally amazed I can keep running for 25 minutes. The plan works, people :)

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Endomondo, runkeeper, mapmyrun quite a few about


Remember the tortoise and the hare ☺️


Just go really steadily for now. After graduating you can start speed building. It's a slow process mind you. It doesn't happen over night. There's lots of fun to be had though. Spring springing, summer to come and the wide blue yonder opening up before you


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