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W4R1 done!! and.. treadmill bum??

Yesterday I did W4R1.. I ran for 5 minutes!!! straight! TWICE! I am amazed at myself, and fully throwing myself into the arms of Laura, what a babe!

I genuinely can't believe I could do it, jumping from the 9 (i think?) minutes of week 3 to 16 minutes in week 4 was surprisingly manageable.. amazing!

I had a quick question though, and a little google later I'm a bit worried.. as I do all my running on a treadmill, there seems to be something called a treadmill bum - unfortunately it's a flat as a plank butt! How can I counteract this? I have always had a healthy looking derriere, and was excited to think that running would tone it - but now it seems my treadmilling may end up killing my booty! is there any advice on how to keep a perky posterior while still running on a treadmill? (running outside really isn't an option for where I live)

Thanks everyone, and boom baby! bring on W4R2!!

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My butt fell off with regular running. If you combine your running with strength and cardio etc then you should keep it toned up. If you're in the gym you could kill two birds with one stone


thanks miss wobble! (amazing name!) I've started throwing in a few more exercises that could help.. hopefully it works :)


Hi Laila - Try cycling ;)


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