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pain in the ... thigh

Did w8r1 last Thursday and stopped after about 10 minutes. I kind of stumbled a bit and felt an ache in my upper thigh. I carried on a bit and it happened again, so I stopped. I'm not a wimp, and I did consider "running through it" but decided to stop in case I made it worse. I went home and got my cheap Aldi roller out and spent 15 minutes flopping about on the floor like a demented walrus. It did seem to help.

So my idea was to wait till Monday and have another go. I'm not worried about the run I know I can do that, I just don't want to make it worse.

The other thing is I got a new pair of shoes and I wonder if that was the cause. I'm gonna do the run on Monday in my old shoes just in case, then do Wednesday in new shoes if Monday goes OK.

Any advise?

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Hmmm no, not really. Other than rest up til Monday by which time you'll know if it's something other just an ache

New runners are bound to ache. It's perfectly natural and to be expected. Everyone gets them and they disappear as we get stronger from regular sessions of running. Strengthening by doing other exercise is good for building up our bodies to support our running. Walking, cycling, swimming, gym or home exercise, dance etc all helps

I hope you'll be good to go by Monday!

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Hi , Sorry to hear about your injury. xxx

I would try Ibuprofen Gel on it before you go to bed and definitely rest it for a few days.

I know its frustrating but you did absolutely the right thing in cutting your run short. Best have a few days off now than risk a long lay off.

I havent run for 2 weeks now and its really doing my head in but hey thats life, and sometimes youve got to hit the lows to really appreciate the highs .

Wishing you a speedy recovery, and all the very best to you xxx

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ran w8r1 today. too true it's a mental thing! I wanted to give up from the start, but I ran on and on and on and after the requisite 28 minutes I hit stop. It took half a minute before I started up the treadmill again for the cool down. My legs were fine. My breathing was fine. I just didn't want to expend that amount of energy on running. Basically I'm a lazy old git :)


Ha ha but you did it though didn't you ?

Well done xxx


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