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Looking back

W1R1 for me was done wearing a long skirt, a pair of heavy boots and a big fleece jacket. In the early days, a very kind couple in a car stopped to ask if I was OK when I was out on a run. Today I was trying to get ready for W8R2 and found that I'd accidentally put both my running tops in the wash last night. Am waiting for one of the tops to dry out before I go out. I should just get over myself and go out in a t shirt, but get far too hot. This thing changes us all :)

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Certainly does I have bought manly skins (or girly tights) and wore them today. Nice and toasty as it was freezing out. Just go for it!


I got ready for my run yesterday, with my tight leggings on, then thought the dog might need to go for a wee. I put my heavy boots on and big coat, wooly hat and took,him out i looked a tad max wallesque. Lol didn't care though. How things change

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haha you are so right , C25K does change us in ways we never imagined , think you have become addicted lol just like the rest of us did and have :D

welld one on getting to week8 nearly week 9 , it is so close now ,keep at it :D :D


The answer to that problem is to get a third, or even fourth running top... ;-) Well done on getting to week 8, you are so nearly there now. I loved doing those last few runs, it felt like the world was my oyster - so many running adventures lie ahead. I like your avatar pic btw, takes me right back... Happy Happy Joy Joy!


Oh yes, you would never see me in a million years with my hair tied back, let alone having photos taken and sharing them...I plan my washing loads around my running gear and running days, after checking the weather forecast of course!


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