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Week 1

Week 1 Run 3 this evening. The first 2 runs I've done straight after work, before dinner. I'm thinking of moving to morning runs before work but I'm not really a morning person.

Things I've learned so far:

1. It's cold out there, you really do need a hat and gloves and cotton shirt over your running top but under your running hoodie. the hoodie top does not keep your head warm.

2. 60 seconds goes by a lot faster with music on your i-thing. The NHS C to 5k app lets you play music from your I-thing while you run.

3. The dog (Georgie the westie) loves running with me. If you take your dog make sure they poop before you start your run.

4. I'm 54 (how the hell did that happen?), 6'4 and 18 stone - if I can do it anyone reasonably healthy can.

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1 - agreed. I hate cold ears! Mornings can be really icy early, so take extra care.

2 - audiobooks for me - I forget I'm running I get so involved in the story

3 - I feel better if I poop before I go. I don't have a dog, but the cat comes part way with me sometimes.

4 - I'm 50 in a few weeks, I haven't moved my arse for 40 of those years - people who say it's too late to start now are numpties. No major MS symptoms since I started, and no SAD syndrome this winter.

5 - Picture of Georgie please? This forum loves a good doggie pic.



Things I have learned so far:

keep running and pushing yourself. Beat the cold. Warm up.

If anybody had told me that i would run 25 mins non-stop , I would laugh out loud.

I'm 37, 5'3'' and don't know how many stones i have lost.


welcome and well done on starting :D i was 56 am 6ft6 weight not sure but much less then when i started and an ex smoker , welcome to the wonderful and addictive world of running :D


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