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Incredibly sore calf muscle and shin splits

I have been walking 10k for the last 5 weeks and everything was fine until 4th week when I just started my walk and the pain was so bad all around the calf and shin area I had to stop right away.

Then I rested for 4 days and started again pain still there however bit better, but pushed threw it by running and it was fine for the rest 10k but now its sore walking altogether, I no I have shin splits as it not my first time but I want some explaination about my calf muscle.


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We can all guess - "wrong" strides, over use, hard surfaces, bad walking boots, poor posture, ..... But if you want explanations you should probably see a doctor or a sports physio.

When you say you have been walking 10 km for 5 weeks, do you mean 10 km per day for x times a week, or a total weekly distance of 10 km? How much did you use to move about before these 5 weeks?


I've always had more after effects from walking than running - its the whole reason I started C25K, and I used to have shin pain virtually all the time, much less since I started running.

When you say 'rested' how complete was that? It may be you'd benefit more from gently exercising it, rolling, whatever.

I find I only get calf twinges when my calves are cold (one reason I wear full length leggings except when it is very warm indeed)

As Tomas says, all sorts of things it could be.


Your probably putting too much strain on certain parts of your body which the surrounding parts can't cope with. You have to treat the cause as well as the symptoms. Get a foam roller and massage around the shin and calf areas which are tender. Check the internet for stretching exercises specific for the conditions you are experiencing. Do these exercises slowly and consistently everday. They are boring but after a period of time they should help to strengthen the weaknesses causing the pain.


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