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Strava died :(

Evening all :)

Week 6 run 2 completed tonight and my goodness it was chilly! All uphill for my first 10 mins and I was gutted to discover my phone had died halfway through the run!! Still, Polar kept me company - it was busy beeping away - not sure why it beeps but I'm convinced it's because it's either going to self destruct or my hearts going too damn quickly... Either way I plodded along happily!

Sunday I felt inspired to do a slight detour of the programme and attempt a 5k distance - thrilled to say that I managed it but I'm back to plan now. Want to see this through to the end and see the real benefit :)

Hope everyone else is enjoying their wintery runs this week :) all downhill to the weekend now woop woop :)

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Well done, Sophie! It's a bummer when you're let down by technology, but you carried on without it, and did very well! Just don't push your body too hard at this stage, it need to adjust to running over months, not a few weeks.


Thanks for the comment :) am enjoying the podcast routine so will definitely stick to it now! Just amazed how much I'm enjoying something that previously I couldn't do or enjoy :) it's great fun!!

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