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Week 8 run 3 and a sub 35 5k

A lovely crisp clear evening, wind has died down a bit and a big bright full moon.

I set off for week 8 run 3 feeling pretty good, having changed my route slightly to miss out the uphill section I usually start with. It all was going well until after about 200 metres I realised I had already forgotten to go right at the traffic lights instead of straight over. No problem, a wee detour through the council estate put me back on track.

A few other runners out tonight, and for once I actually felt like I was one of them.

I set up Endomondo to give me updates every 5 minutes which helped to spur me on, so I kept going past the required 28 minutes and managed to do my second ever 5k in 34:56.

Well chuffed with that, bring on week 9 and graduation!

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That sounds like a very good run and not a bad time at all, you sound like perfect park run material. Good luck with your remaining week....and BTW you ARE one of them !!


Wow, well done you. Congratulations!


Great time! You ARE a runner:)


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