Week 2 first run, still badly equipped but plodding along

I had an annoying job to do this morning that was due by 11am, meaning I was up early but not able to run early as I'd like to. I felt very exposed going out at 11.30am. I know the chances of bumping into someone I know are pretty slim, but I just don't want to be seen like this. The track suit trousers are too tight, the jacket with zip-pockets sits too high on my waist, my shoes are all wrong, my face looks like I've been blowing up balloons all day, etc. etc. But on the flipside I can now run for 90 seconds, several times! (lost count how many - just followed the instructions!) I felt out of breath, and a nagging feeling of a cramp that didn't cramp in my left calf, if you know what I mean, but overall I'm feeling fitter and capable.

Please help me see the funny side of my helpless attire arrangement, and my insecurities about people seeing me run like this... I guess I could help myself... I'm yet to find the time/money to go to afore-advised sports shops, but also have a sneaky feeling that if it was a wine shop or a bookshop I might feel less averse...

I accidentally put week 3, got ahead of myself! Actually on week 2... oops!


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16 Replies

  • It does not matter how you look. Think of how you will look after the 9 weeks. I feel proud of you the fact that you are doing this for yourself not for others. Bes of luck for future runs. Keep going on.

  • Thank you raven19. I know it does not matter, but the demons don't. Need to banish those demons by making them seem ridiculous or something... Or make sure I always run before 8am :)

  • I used to worry about how I looked. I've been doing this for 8 months now, and I've bought new gear, but I still look a flippin' state - I won't be gracing the front page of Vogue just yet (or even a running mag). However, I don't give a stuff! Here I am, a few weeks off 50, refusing to age gracefully, getting out there on cold icy mornings in my not very flattering running attire and snot flying in all directions, but I just ran 7k and most of the people I know couldn't run upstairs. If I see people I know, they tend to stop me next time they see me and, when I tell them how I started from nothing and am now aiming for my first 10k, their chins hit the ground and I can see that they are impressed.

    So, I would say don't worry about it - just do your thang!!

  • I'm kitted out in Aldi sportswear. I kid you not! My wardrobe wasn't exactly bursting with sporting fineries, so I took the opportunity when I saw it. I figure when I see people out there doing something so positive and getting fit, I just think 'good for you', and couldn't give a hoot what they've got on :)

  • People do not really care about what you are wearing - unless you live in Italy - and specifically in Milan - so don't worry! :) Born and bred in the above mentioned city I am still struggling with the "how do I look in this" and pretend to myself that I don't care - it works - to an extent...

    Gludwig is right - most people would only think "good for you" - often with a little bit of envy :)

  • Keep at it, you're doing great! In time your trousers will no longer feel tight and you will notice changes in yourself that you didn't expect. Not only that you still went out in broad daylight in spite of feeling self-conscious. Sounds like you're starting to banish those demons already! :)

  • I'm SO relieved it's not just me who prefers the cover of darkness/early starts when "running". I dread someone seeing me huffing & puffing around the neighbourhood! However the upside to this is that by the time the lighter nights arrive we'll practically be pro's at this running lark. As for your kit - take a look at others - anything goes, especially in this weather.

    Keep going Ruth - I did my first run of Week 2 last night and felt rather pleased with myself - almost to the point of breaking into the "Dave's Epic Strut" (a la the MoneySupermarket/Pussycat Dolls ad!)


  • Oh I lurrve this advert !

    Thanks for posting Lockie, youre so Money Supermarket ha ha :-D xx

  • Thanks Lockiechops for the mega cheering up vid! Looks like you and me are at the same point. Hope you keep moving ahead with the rest of week 2 okay. I'm on 2nd run tomorrow (as early as poss!)

  • You know what, I wonder if it is worth trying to fight how you feel, and instead just accept it and let it fall away naturally... but that's not the same as letting it rule you... which you aren't! Great stuff.

  • I had exactly the same feelings when I started. I'm short and fat. And was wearing tights. And just plodding along. What a sight I must have looked. I mentioned it to my wife, and she said that anyone who looked at me was probably just wishing that it was them who'd got off their ar*e and was taking some exercise. (She didn't actually say ar*e, she doesn't really swear like me). That helped a lot. And now I'm kitted out in running stuff mainly bought from Tesco. And I look lovely ;) Keep going - it's a wonderful addiction :) Steve x

  • Thanks 5kOrBust I do always admire runners when I see them on the canal paths. When I'm cycling I always try to make space for the runners as I know it's more of a deal for a runner to slow down and speed up again than for a cyclist. I'm trying to see myself as one of those runners, but I'm so used to hiding behind my handlebars and hi vis. Turns out that behind the handlebars was a very unfit-looking person who was good at freewheeling along rather than doing anything that raised heart rate/adrenalin etc. Struggle to see myself as 'fat', but had my wake up call when I found out my bmi was at high end of overweight :( it's true that most people see a person who's running not a person who's in unflattering clothes. Will try to keep this in mind!

  • So today I wore 9 different colours on my running outfit and everything clashed. I know I should be a bit more coordinated but to be honest I just want to be warm and comfortable. Apart from that I don't give a toss what other people think.

    Most people are so wrapped up on their own lives they really don't register the rest of us. Your self confidence will increase the longer you run and I guarantee very soon you won't even think about how you look. You'll be thinking more of where you're going to run and what your body is doing. It can run. How fantastic is that?

  • First of all, well done for getting out there anyway, when you felt worried about what you were wearing and being seen. That's the sign of a runner! Also, how great that you can feel the difference from when you started :)

    The appearance issue... when I started, I was nearly 14 stone (I'm 5' 2"). I wore old baggy trackie bottoms and a very large t-shirt. Not flattering. I was petrified that someone would see me, especially as I turn tomato red and drip sweat. I still do, even though I have lost 3 stone. However, I thought about when I am driving and see someone running. I never used to pay any attention to them at all. I do now, of course!

    The thing about meeting someone you know is different, and many of us have probably suffered from well-meaning nutters telling us that running isn't good for us. I just smile politely (if they're older than I am) or say something short and to the point otherwise. If it's a friend, most of mine have been very complimentary, especially as they have seen my shape changing. And the thing I had to cling to sometimes was that I was doing this for me, not for them. So that was all that mattered.

    Keep going! Keep posting to tell us how you're doing. We're all here cheering you on :)

  • Wow Anniemurph - very motivating to hear you lost 3 stone! I have only 1-2 stone to lose. Even 1 stone would make enough of a difference for me. 2 stone would get me safely back in the healthy bmi range.

    I'm quite short at 5'4" though I appreciate that's not especially short. But all my height is in my back. My centre of gravity is quite low, so to speak... basically I don't suit trousers at all. Up to even 2-3 years ago I would wear jeans, as long as they were bootcut and very dark navy. That is even when I was a healthy weight - some people just don't have the right proportions for trousers. Now I pretty much only wear skirts. I know I can't really go running in a nice A-line skirt, so badly fitting track suit trousers it is for now. Determined to sort this out!

    Yet to meet someone I recognise while running, and hoping I won't! Perhaps I need a disguise.

  • You can too go running in an A line skirt if you want. It's not like you have to wear special clothes to run for a bus (admittedly heels are a bad idea)

    I have run in a long knitted skirt through the bilberry bushes. I'm wearing it now, although these days I would usually pull it off to reveal the black leggings beneath before setting off. (Makes me feel ever so slightly superhero-ish)

    There are folks who've got these leggings cum skirts, bought from serious running places.

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