Week 1, 3rd run

I've been looking at a lot of other people's posts on here. I can't believe how lucky I am to find this community of people all following the same plan. The supportive comments on my previous posts have really helped me keep going, so I hope it's okay if I report on my 3rd run? It was very very cold to start with today, but I found it so much easier already, even though I remain unconvinced that I have a runner's physique. The more suitable trainers I'm now wearing, (although not strictly proper running shoes), are making a difference. I'm getting further up the canal, running past semi-frozen water, breathing in pleasant wood-burning smells from the houseboats, and managing to block out the background noise of the parallel A-road. Lastly, I've found the podcasts now, which are way better than using the app. There's more description about how briskly to walk, how to run so you aren't too out of breath etc. Onto week 2 next :)


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  • Of course it's ok if you post about your run, in fact it's obligatory, that's what we're here for! It is a great forum isn't it, I love it here. Your run sounds great!

  • Hi ruth, I call it CRAPAS - C25K Running and Posting Addiction Syndrome. I look at this forum every day when I'm not running, and I look at this forum every day when I am running. I'm just back from a run and should be stretching right now :-)

    This running lark is certainly addictive, and I've 'met' loads of really lovely people on this forum, too.

    I'm glad that the PodCasts are working for you. That's what I used and the commentary from Laura was helpful (even if some of the music is a bit cheesy). As Curly mentions above, posting about your runs is compulsory! How can we cheer you along the way if we don't know how you're feeling?

  • markyD says it all really, it's great to share your posts and we want to read all about it and follow your progress. Good luck with week two and well done for finishing week 1.

  • Thanks! Will continue to post. Lots of useful tips come out of this site too, like stretching, focussing on getting good shoes, using the podcast etc. (cheesy music is fine with me)

  • I quite like the music! I was out first this morning and there was a song about sunshine, and it was a really lovely sunny morning, and I think I was running along with a big cheesy grin on my face like a right muppet! Well done on finishing your first week :)

  • I think cheesy grin is preferable to expressions of pain. I was a bit blinded by the sun on my way back but didn't feel the warmth. Roll on Spring!

  • Ha ha, yes, grimacing is probably more my usual style, I must admit!

  • You post - We support - Simples! Sounds like a great place to run and well done on completing week 1. You've taken the hardest step - the first!

  • Just started .....where do I find the podcasts?

  • I found them on my phone. There was a thing called 'podcasts' which I never noticed before, and just searched 'couch to 5k'. I've got a windows phone, so don't know how it would work for other phones - what type of phone have you got?

  • Welcome Dexter. The podcasts are here:


    Or you can download them from iTunes store.

  • Hi Ruth and Dexter , Yes you must post, its C25K law ! :-D

    Welcome to our happy band , its a very supportive place to be . It was the support from the fab folks on here that got me to my graduation, so I like to pass that on, so to speak ! :-)

    So, that's Week 1 well and truly dusted and tucked under your belt.

    Let us know how you go on with Week 2 Run 1 , Good Luck ! :-D

  • Well done , I have just begun . Podcasts are great and I enjoyed my first session yesterday . Was a bit breathless and glowing , but felt fantastic . Hope I progress and improve each run .

  • Well done Hazy-22 for starting. I only started last Wednesday. This Wednesday I'll start week 2. Breathing is already getting a bit easier. I think it helps just to know that you can do it.

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner good luck with week 2 . This seems like a good forum , so it will help with tips and motivation .

  • Yes, as the others have said, keep posting. It also gives you a great record of your progress because after you graduate you can go back and look at your posts and think "gosh, remember that first run when it was so hard and look at me now!".

  • Hi Ruth, welcome to running :) We're a friendly bunch here.

    What canal are you on? I hold my hand up to being one of those boats polluting the atmosphere with smoke - but it's toasty warm in here even though we're frozen in...

    Keep us up to date with your progress.

  • Hi folkieboater, I'm running up the Lee Navigation. I love the woodsmoke, it's not anything like as polluting as the A12 parallel to it. Only getting as far as Fish Island at the mo, but hoping to make it up to Springfield Marina in the next few weeks. Will def be keeping everyone up to date :)

  • Our fire tends to be coal/smokeless rather than wood I'm afraid :( 21 years since she we last boated up the Lee - getting to the top of our list again.

    One thing to bear in mind when you're towpath running is the lack of hills - great in the beginning, but it comes as an awful shock when you first come across one :)

  • The flatness is relieved a little bit by running across bridges and under subways as part of my route. To be honest everything's pretty flat round here though, I can't think of any hills apart from where roads pass over the canals. I've the same problem on my bike - great on the flat, but 10 mins of 15% incline kills me.

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