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Starting again after a break?

So I finished couch to 5k at the beginning of December , I wanted to continue all my good work but due to other circumstances haven't managed a run in almost 2 months :( I want to get back out but don't know where to start, I couldn't possibly start at week 9 it was hard enough at the time. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Did you start at week 1 again or half way through? I'm a bit scared about going out again as I don't know what I can manage after such a long break.

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I was injured very shortly after graduating and had to have 5 weeks off. I went back to the first run of week 6 where there are still run/walk intervals and that was fine. You will probably be able to manage more than you think and if you haven't been injured during your break there is no need to go right back to the beginning. The important thing is to get back out there. Remember ANY run is better than NO run !! Good luck.



I've stopped and started a few times, I find week 4 quite a good place to restart & if it seems too easy you can go straight on to week 5 or 6. I had a break of about 4 weeks last autumn & found doing speed from c25K + a few times was enough to get me back into it. Good luck! x


Thanks guys, went out and started at week 5 run 1, all in all - wasn't has horrendous as I expected but the last few minutes were a bit of a killer. Glad I did it, and hopefully be back up to doing my 30 minutes in a few weeks. Just seen we are due to have a lot of snow where I live over the new few days though grr.


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