Working through myasics plan for the London winter run I came across an article on overcompensation and the importance of rest days. Basically it says training damages your body and the rest day lets it recover but also your body then overcompensates and makes it stronger so that it won't get damaged as much next time. So the rest day lets you repair the damage a run does but also makes you physically stronger for the next run. Makes sense really and shows you how you improve your fitness over time as long as you take the rest days. Full article is here asics.co.uk/sports/running/...

Happy running and resting all



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8 Replies

  • I read something on those lines in the Dean Karnazes book I read recently. It's all about the rest day when the real work gets done and the running legs built, not to mention all the rest of the body. I love my rest days, do you? At my age they are wholly necessary

  • Yes I do love a good rest

  • Yes, that makes sense. I used to do body building in my younger days, not the bulgy mens stuff but ladies physique type weights. Weight training causes tiny tears in your muscles, it's the repair of those that makes the muscles stronger and bigger, or in my case smaller (that was what I was aiming at) I think running everyday, or indeed anything every day would be a bit boring...

  • Eat, Train, Sleep, Repeat..

    Your muscles grow when you sleep... and when you let them recover...

    Rest days are a reward for the hard work... I love 'em (although I spend them planning my next run!)... :)

    See you Sunday GF!

  • Looking forward to it Aussie and we're in the same wave

  • I have also read that a common mistake that we amateurs make is that we run too fast on our easy days - and too slow on our hard days . That is natural - because we like to be "comfortable" , but being comfortable does not improve us.

  • I find running slow is not comfortable at all so I think you're right Bazza

  • Totally agree.. Find it strangely hard to consciously run slow... And then when it's time to go all out I pull back thinking I can't do it... It's a mental game!

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