Couch to 5K

Week 2 run 1

Just finished week 2 run 1. Although it wasn't easy it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I had to repeat week 1. I was recovering from a cold. I thought about repeating week 1 until I could do it with ease. I am glad I pushed myself and moved on to week 2. The tip at the beginning of week 2 about the heels hitting the floor first might have helped me get through week 1 a bit better. I concentrated on doing this and although my shins are still sore they are not as bad as usual.

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well done :) providing you complete the runs , be easy ro hard , it is ok to move onto the next week and see how it goes , i think sometimes we let the head gremlins talk us out of doing something we can do :D

keep going you doing great :D


The podcasts are a progressive training program. It will give you a little more each week to do. Have faith in the program and in yourself and you will get though to the end of week nine. Good Luck.


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