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Wk3 R1

Well what can I say, totally bagged this first run. I was dreading the 3 minute part of the run yet it pasted by so sweetly, I was slightly out of breath after but the 3 min walk sorted me out. Then came the second lot and I felt great. I wasn't pushing hard or over doing it, it just felt natural after the first set. Ended with 2.5 miles after the session.

This forum has really helped me get back into this and at a third of the way (almost) through I would just like to say a big thanks to you all.

I have read so many of your blogs and messages which has inspired me on and on.

Bring on the next lot I say. Mo farrar I'm coming for you :) and Ju no you can't have my runners, we are now a team lol.

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Well done Jase, you've got wings on them new runners ! :-) Good to hear you are enjoying it, its good innit ?

This forum is full of really supportive, friendly, lovely people on it, its the place to be ! :-D

Onwards to WK3 R2 ! All the very best to you xxx


Cheers poppy pug. Really enjoyed it too. I feel like I'm finally becoming a runner again. :)


Glad to hear that it's going well Jase ! Keep posting and happy running !


You sound smitten already! Well done.


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