Couch to 5K

Week 2

Well I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a wee while. I originally started out myself with Laura - but the heard about a group doing it twice a week, with "homework" - ie 3rd run over the weekend by ourselves - hello again Laura!

So I asked for advice on here and the consensus was give the group a go. Well I did and tonight completed run 1, week 2 with the group. I naively thought there would be a couple of folk there - I reckon there were over a hundred. A couple of runners who organise the parkrun stay out round the "course" and encourage as we pass. The organiser has a whistle which he blows to let us know to run/walk etc and shouts out encouragement too. I am very glad I joined.

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Wow that sounds just the thing you need. It's good to have company of other runners, and at the same stage as you. It's easier to run with others in the evenings as dark nights can be a bit off-putting if you have to run alone.

Your running will come on in leaps and bounds if you're with an established group. Sounds like you're in the right place!

Let us know how you get on


It's really good. Enjoyable in a really not enjoyable enjoyable as it can be!! LOL!


That sounds great! 100 people all doing C25K? I would have joined the if it had been available. Keep us posted x


It is really good. I was so shocked with the number of folk! The man in charge is excellent - he shouts out how many seconds left - eg 30, 60 etc. Which helps keep you going.


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