10k...entered!! :D

10k...entered!! :D

...been and gone and done it...signed up for a 10k in Glasgow with my daughter...our first! Not 'til August, so got a good few months to train!

From C25K newbie last August, to 'I'd like to do a bit more' to 'aaagh, I've entered a race!' Amazing what this running thing does to you...seeing everyone's progress and what you all get into has really helped inspire me, so thanks for your encouragement & support, and for sharing, you lot... :D

My pic is from my regular running route...a wee bit frozen yesterday, so had a stroll with my camera, rather than a run.

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  • Good idea, no running in this winter wonderland for now, unless its indoors. What 10k are you doing in August in Glasgow?

  • I agree, burstcouch. I managed to find a 5k today (last run last Sunday)...the first time since October that I haven't managed 3 runs in a week - we've had it all this week, weather-wise - gales, torrential rain, heavy snow, frost...my regular routes have been either flooded or frozen!

    The 10k is part of the Women's Running series in Strathclyde Country Park...it was the first Scottish one I spotted, last month, and thought it would be a great venue to start! I'm in the Highlands, so was looking for a Scottish event, plus my daughter works out if Greenock or Oban in the summer. Should be fuuuun! :s

  • There is a Womans 10k run in Glasgow on the 17th May which is part of the Great Run series. If your interested too. It was brilliant last year.

  • I spotted that one today and thought about it...then thought I'd need a longer training time so as not to put myself under too much pressure! Have reached 8.5k once, so far...last Sunday!!

    Might go for the River Ness 10k in September...on the doorstep and some lovely downhill then flat along the river :D

  • Fully agree Burstcouch - that was my first 10K ever last year and inspired me to do another 3.

  • A 10k race! That's brilliant! Loads of time to train too. How exciting. And I love your pic x :-D

  • Brilliant, that's so exciting!!! Happy training xx

  • Well done you. You are so very nearly there in terms of distance. There is a 10k in Pitlochry in September- it has a few inclines though!

  • I could be doing a grand tour of the loveliest Scottish spots... :D thanks

  • Well done Tiki, you can do it, you will do it. Loadsa time to train, fab stuff !

    Lovely photo xxx

  • Wow, what a beautiful pic Tiki, blue sky too!

    Well done on the race entry ; just the ticket ;-) :-) ;-)

  • Congratulations - that is brilliant - it is really weird what we find ourselves doing since we started running - it's opened a whole new world and made me appreciate so many things, such as nature, and weather and feet :) Lovely photograph reminds me of Scotland.

  • Was it the blue sky that gave it away...aaaalways blue skies up here!! :D

    Ps...feet, yes...upmostly appreciated (but just 'foot', if you are a snail, eh?!...hence the speed or lack there-of)...

  • I used to live in Scotland and do remember a blue sky :) Good point about the foot - but It is possible to hop quite quickly on one foot...

  • What a beautiful picture!

    After reading your post last night, I started thinking, 'maybe I could give something like this a bash'. So I looked up the River Ness 10k and decided I'm going to enter.

    Thank you for the inspriation and enthusiasm to push me to do something I'm curious and nervous about :-)

  • Yaaay!! Go for it! :D

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