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28 mins and more than 2 miles ;)

Wk7r2 done ;)

Queen won this time upon reaching 25 minutes so I carried on for an extra 3 minutes to "we are the champions". I ran slightly slower than run1 in the first km which I didn't know was possible but was faster towards the end than on tuesday

I walked out of the park to my mother's afterwards (just to use the loo) and ended walking with her and the dog for ages so today I covered 7.52 miles in all.

Roll on this rate I'll be running out of park on my usual route shortly and will have to do a longer loop!

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Well done!!!


Careful you don't wear your legs down to stumps! Great run by the sound of it :)


;) I've always walked (wandered!) for miles as I don't drive and walking is still a miracle to me with my arthritic legs so I am used to that bit but the running? Still confounding myself there!! Xx


Sounds like a great run/walk :)


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