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If I'm not mistaken

Week 3 Run 2 seemed to be marginally easier than any of the runs I've done before. It was still tough going and I still cried whenever Laura said ok let's go, but it definitely felt like I'd turned a corner.

I'm back home now trying to decide if it's me getting better or if it's something to do with the weather...


ps Strava's just informed me that it was the slowest run per mile to date. Yippee!

pps I should have listened to everyone when they said slow down and then once you think you're going slow enough, slow down some more.

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well done :) another run down and another tick against it :) in reality it is you who is getting better :D enjoy the moment :D


Well done Dave ! Yep, you are getting there . Keep going ! :-) xxx


Well done Dave! You're doing really well :-)

I remember feeling like that in week 3, your body starts to get over the shock of moving I think. Stick at it, every run is one less towards your goal x


Well going slow and getting a bit fitter are both pointers to a more comfortable run. Keep it going....


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