WR 10k Glasgow...oh, go on then... :s

Has anyone done this one before or is anyone doing it this year...Strathclyde Country Park, Glasgow - August 30th?

About to enter...what am I letting myself in for? AAAAggggh! Will they have packed the tea and cake away and gone home if I crawl in at 1 hour 20 minutes...or longer??? It's a park...I can make it look like I was out for a walk, yes??

I was only doing this running thing to get fit for 50 and to 'run a few trails with my dog'...now I find that I *want* to enter a 10k!

Guess my goals are to run a 10k first, then aim for a good crawl. This is getting serious now! gulp!

My daughter is up for the challenge too, which is fantastic...so, alright, go on then... :D

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  • You know you want to.....

  • Looks good - go for it! You have plenty of time to train up for that :)

  • Do it, do it do it! Youve nothing to lose. When I look at a race I want to enter, I look at last years results and see how slow the slowest runner was! That will at least give you an idea of the field.

    I always say to myself that "someone's got to come last" then I say, imagine the applause if it's me!

    Chances are, you'll be miles ahead of the last person (not that that really matters)

    You've got plenty of time between now and then to have mastered the art of the sub one hour 10k ;-)

    Good luck? (from another 50 this year running junky)

  • Just had a look at the other races and am quite tempted by the Liverpool one! Would have to wait until after pay day though hehe! :)

  • Go for it, you'll do fine. And at 1:20 you'll find that there are still plenty of people behind you :)

  • Oh go with it Tiki. It'll be a blast, specially if your daughter's doing it too. Put it this way, if you weren't running in a 10 k what would you be doing? The pots, the ironing,hoovering the dog hairs off the stairs or summink? Nah, go for it. Much more fun

    I know I could have said putting the finishing touches to your latest novel, knitting a courgette cake, blah blah but it wouldn't have had the same leverage as domestic drudgery. I always choose that option when I want to do something that I feel I have to justify. As if!

    I'm training for a 10 k at the minute, well two of them to be exact. It's not much different to 5 k really except it's less frenetic (not sure that's the right word but it'll do)

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