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Puddles and dog poo

Week four under way now.

It was brilliant, that's the first time I've felt like I've had to push myself a bit. I don't know about everyone else, but the hardest thing is stopping the runs to walk. I don't mean that I want to carry on running as such, but when I slow down to walk is when I feel the most tired, and things start aching. Then after a minute or so of brisk walk everything settles down again. Just the muscles doing their thing I guess. Breathing seems to be okay now, just the aching calves and shins in the walks. I'm lucky to know an orthopaedic surgeon who works mostly on feet and ankles and he's given me some exercises to stretch things out a bit. I don't think it's my shoes, but my guess is that it's just my muscles getting used to what I'm suddenly beginning to expect of them!

Terribly heavy rain in Brighton last night so today's run meant splashing through many puddles. On the first lap I tried to gracefully leap over one and landed in it anyway, so gave up trying to be dry. Managed to step on a doggy offering on the way back up the hill, yuk yuk yuk. With the pattern of the soles of my Mizunos, it is NOT going to be a pleasant task getting those bad boys clean! Big cup of tea first. Happy running lovely folks xx

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Oh I know! Dog shi* disasters. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr I would leave them to dry and then just go on your next run as planned and hope it falls out. Just don't do what Dan did and trail the poop onto the carpets!

I got my ROAD running shoes filthy today out on the TRAIL. I forgot I was running on trail for a bit to get back to the road. It was absolutely waterlogged and filthy. I was prancing lightly over it to minimise contact. Must have looked like a loony. Aw my lovely Nikes, muddied. Whatever next.

Sounds like it's all going really well for you Ali. Your achey legs etc will get better as you get stronger, but you have to keep going slowly to alleviate the stresses you're putting on yourself. Our bodies have to catch up, that's where the rest days come into play. Have a lovely time on your next run.


Thank you misswobble! determined to take it slow (ish), I'm enjoying it so much, I don't want to mess it up. It comes to something when you turn down an extra shift because it makes it harder to get a run in!


Oh well done Ali! You prioritise yourself. You have to get your runs in! There are times when we have to find time for ourselves, and this is one of em. It'll be time well spent when you're breaking that tape on Graduation Day.

Oops, listen at me, getting ahead of meself. Week 4, check! It's a good week is that. You'll be fine. Just go nice and slow. Easy does it


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