Couch to 5K

Back on track!

So, I was getting on with week three just as Christmas came around, and so I went for my run on Tuesday, then woo-hoo Christmas! Family!

Then, disaster struck, one of those family members (you know who you are) bought disease upon our house.


So I spent a WEEK! Feeling awful, and it set me right back, so I had to go back to week 2 last Monday, which was hard, then I did another week 2 last week, which felt really good. Then yesterday, I got back up to week 3. And I am looking forward to finally finishing it, and getting back on track.

Good news is that my healthy eating and running has started to show dividends and I am feeling much more energetic and I have lost a few cms off my waist and hips already - happy days!

Just need to keep motivated, and get down to business finishing week 3 this week :)

I hope that you have all started the year as you wish to go on, and welcome to all the people that have started this as a new years resolution - don't give up, it's so worth it :)


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Well done for getting back on track. We are on the same week. Plan to do w3r3 tomorrow. Keep on going x


well done and glad you are recovered from the flu good job it wasnt the male version which is much more serious haha


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