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Calling all budding film directors

Bit breezy this morning. Lots of branches on the roads, but no trees down. Power on (sorry Scotland), so it looks like we've come out of the storm relatively unscathed. The light whilst running was fantastic: sunshine followed quickly by low dark cloud. It was like running out of glorious Technicolor into a black and white movie, then back again. If there are any budding film directors out there, forget about expensive lighting rigs, come to North Yorkshire and film outdoors!

Just a thought: does anyone know a way of making a circular run so that the wind id always behind you?

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Like the idea of running sideways and backwards. Will try it next time it gets really windy :-)


It must be possible because the circular routes i run the wind is always against me.

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I wonder if you have to pretend to set out in one direction, then suddenly turn and go the other way? I'll try it out :-)


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