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My first run

I usually run on a treadmill,when I tried running outside I needed an oxygen tent after 100 metres ,so I thought I would give c25k a go ,I did my first run of week one tonight and was really chuffed ,2nd run is on Saturday I would love to do the half marathon in October which is taking place in Cardiff hopefully I will also be a couple of stone lighter

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It is within the realms of possibility if you stick with the programme and eat sensibly. Good luck, and just keep going!


Re. the oxygen tent issues - try slowing down a bit


As it's Jan now, a half marathon IS achievable, but it will take a lot of determination; which I'm suer you have.

As for breathing/oxygen, slow down (there are no prizes for fast times) and set real goals. To get to a a prticular tree/lamp post, this way you have something to concentrate on other than just the time ticking away.

Relax your shoulders and breath from your tummy and not your chest. It feels funny, but that is how the diaphragm works. Let your stomach go in and out, and not let your chest heave. It will come with practise and time.

Above all, run safely and keep us posted.


Have done my second run of week one and concentrated more on my breathing and slowed down I used to be a sprinter always hated long distance so it' has taken a different mind set but I am adjusting I just have to remember not to go mile a minute(oh I so wish)


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