Couch to 5K

Litany of woe (or Ouchy ouch as my son would say)

Shame Realfoodieclub's poll didn't include the option of 0 runs since 22 December as that's exactly how many I've achieved.

First, on 21 December I went over on my ankle during my last run; I was being considerate and moving out of the way off the pavement of two old people. (Won't make that mistake again!)

So I resolved to rest up for a few days and go out Boxing Day but bam! got mugged by a chest infection. Just as that was on its way out I got the worst bout of sinusitis I've ever had and a fever on new year's day and then ... three days ago managed to pull an intercostal muscle whilst coughing up a lung. The nurse tells me that the pain is comparable to breaking a rib. So. Much. Pain.

So now I'm a little worried about going back out. How far to go? I'm used to doing about six miles on my long runs. Back to run walk? An easy three miler?

Anybody else had a similarly rubbish running Christmas period?

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I've had 2 runs since bout 10th December. Couldn't run before Christmas because of visiting family here and abroad. First run after Christmas, went really badly - gave up after 3k because everything was starting to hurt. Gave it a few days, thought I had recovered, had a really good 5k run then within an hour of getting back my hip started hurting and still does. Am resting it at the moment, hurts to much to do anything else, but like you, not sure how to tackle getting back into running, if I every get that far.

Hope you get back to full health and running soon. I would take it very easy if I was you - famous last words from one who didn't but will next time.



Blimey hose1975, your Christmas sounds like an implausible novel :)

I'm similar to yourself in terms of long run distance and graduated October 2013. My own experience is that if I have a gap of over 7 days in my running (e.g. holidays), I'll start back by doing an easy 3k, then 2 days gap for a 5k - no time pressure on the 3k, bit more on the 5k but say 20 secs per KM leeway from my best.

Then 2 day gap and I find I'm pretty much back to where I was before.

I'm not sure if you could do this with your injury though? Maybe it would be better to do run/walk intervals where you stop running with pain and walk until you feel OK?


did the same (ankle) then got chest infection. then mafe the mistske of thinking i was superman. went and walked/ran 18km. this put an end to running. first week after i could just barely walk. so doc says nothing for at least 8 weeks. just the exercise bike for me. bemore carefull and not sorry. get better soon


I've also had a slow start to the New Year running-wise. Went out on NY Eve in the morning, had got to about 4k and managed to trip on a kerb. My first fall since i started running about 18 months ago. As I lay on the pavement all I could think was "I've got to play a concert tonight. I CAN'T have broken anything". I'd skinned elbow and one knee (but not made a hole in my jogging bottoms, hooray) and my left arm went out in front of me. Had got a graze mark on the back of my hand and it was swelling and feeling odd from elbow down to hand. A nice man who saw me trip over took me home in his car (only a few blocks away at this stage) and I went down to A & E to see if I needed an x ray. Luckily (and the nurse kept saying how LUCKY I was) there wasn't anything broken but it was terrifying to think how I could have been out of action work-wise for weeks if I had broken something. I managed to do my 2 concerts ok, and this week have also been busy. Decided not to run again till after the end of work next week as being freelance means there is no sick pay so I can't afford an injury. Giving everything a chance to heal before i venture out. The bruise on the back of my hand has been truly spectacular, all shades of the rainbow. I'm almost disappointed now it's fading, though there is still some swelling to remind me of my dramatic end to 2014! Good luck to everyone else with their injuries. Hope you are all healing nicely now!


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