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Joined a Jogging Club Today

Trying this programme again, for maybe the third or fourth time. Right back at week 1, but two runs done so far and feeling better for it.

Anyway, yesterday I noticed that South Lanarkshire Leisure are running an Adults Jogging Club, so yesterday after coming back from the gym, I phoned them and booked a place! Hopefully they're ready for a real beginner.

In case anyone in the South Lanarkshire area is interested, I've posted the link below. Hopefully it works!

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Well done for coming back and giving couch 2 5k another go. I'm sure the jogging club will be good fun and give you extra motivation! Keep posting to the forum to let us know how it's going!


Well done for getting out there again and aren't you lucky to have a club nearby? That will definitely help. Make sure you post all their tips for us!


It's great that you're giving it another go, and it sounds like the club might also be great for you. Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on.


Well done for getting back to C25k! I'm redoing it too. Hope you enjoy the jogging club and I'm sure that it'll make you even more motivated! Good luck.


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