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Gosh can't believe its the start if week 3 already. This is my last week of being able to do morning runs until the mornings are brighter. I'm not great after work but needs must.

I wasn't sure I'd manage this, but I did....phew.

I decided to run in a field as my knees felt like they needed a break from Tarmac. It was pretty muddy but that did mean I was very slow. Because it was a tad drizzly, it also meant no one was around so I could huff and puff my runs in private. When does one get over the embarassment of being a beginner?

Achey legs now but a days rest should sort that out, or I hope will sort that out

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I ran the muddy, icy trail yesterday and you will find it slower because of the nature of the terrain. Slow is good. Slow is when running legs are built.

I like running when it's dark, either in the evening or in the morning. I ran as dawn broke the other week and loved it.

Your runs are your affair so I wouldn't worry about what other folks might think. They're not looking at you anyway I think you'll find. You just think they are. I bet you're not nearly as noisy as you think you are. Stop worrying and enjoy your runs.


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